Sunday, 28 April 2013

Life Is But a Dream

So I just watched Beyonce's documentary, 'Life Is But a Dream,' and yes I know I'm late but I was putting it off on purpose. When I heard that Beyonce would be directing, editing and producing the documentary it put me off and all I could think that it was going to be another perfect snapshot of her. And to be honest I was right, most of the scenes are close ups of her and yes I know she is a very beautiful woman, but who wakes up in the middle of the night with perfect hair?

The film, if we can call it that, was the most narcissistic montage. The whole thing came over like a PR effort, rather than an insight into her life. When most people do an inside feature, they let go of some control and 'let' the viewer in. I already knew Beyonce was a business women, what I really wanted to her to do was to fight against the rumors and open up more about her pregnancy. It all seemed like a very well timed effect to make Beyonce look more open and appealing to the general public before her tour started. 

I'm not asking her to tell all, in fact when she mentioned making love to her husband I became very uncomfortable, but she just needs to let go a little bit. So where is the line between Jodie Foster and the Kardashians? 

Don't get me wrong, I am a Beyonce enthusiast, but there are some scenes which made me question her as a person. After revealing her pregnancy at the MTV awards, backstage a staff member says to her 'you are free' and she replies 'we are all free'. Reading too much into it made me question, did she make her staff sign confidentiality contracts? It is such a celebrity thing to do and they would have known she was pregnant during rehearsals and fittings. It was a bit odd that after the birth her mother was doing her hair, ready for a photo shoot!? 

I can't say at the end of the film that I know much more about Beyonce now, because I don't. In my opinion she is now more closed off than ever. However, one of the more magical moments was seeing her swear; she looked far less robotic than she usually does. 

In recent news, Beyonce (or her management) has taken image control to the extreme by banning press photography at her Mrs Carter World Tour, only releasing official images via her site. There are speculations that this is to due with the large mass of unflattering photos from her super bowl performance. 

I do know this, that woman works hard and it shows, there is no aspect in your life that Beyonce hasn't affected. Whether is was the film you watch, she produced it; the make up your wear, she had some input; the music videos your watch, she was in them or budgeted them. Even if you are not a fan you have to respect all of the work she puts in. 

'Bow down, bitches" -Beyonce Knowles-Carter

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