Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Its the little things- fashionifah Beauty

Aside from the amazing dresses and the living male accessories, my love this award season had to be the small details, mainly the nails. Nude nails can be so boring; yes they're classy and match with about every glamorous outfit there i,s but they're also safe and fashion doesn't like 'safe'.

Zooey Deschanel is always perfectly polished. *cuteness overload*

I always love Adele's nails, they always remind me that she is still a South London girl. *woop woop* Adele is always in black its nice to see some colour even if its just nails. The colour is so loud, I love it
Anne Hathaway's butterflies. 

My favourite though had to be Kelly Osbourne's pointy/stiletto manicure at the Screen Actors Guild 2013.
It was all nudes at the Critics Choice Awards and People's Choice Awards and a lot of nothing at the London Film Critics and LA Film Critics. When I say nothing I mean the nail art, of course the dresses are always showstopping! However, we do have the BAFTAs and Academy Awards to look forward to —the season is not over yet!

I forgot my camera at home, I've had outfits in mind I just don't have a camera to express myself currently but I am going home this weekend so watch this space.

Nifah x

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