Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hipster? Me? ...Nope wrong person

I was surfing through Youtube the other day, well I was meant to be doing work however we all know how that goes. Your meant to be doing work but you end up doing everything other than that. Anyway, I was on Youtube, I came across a video titled "what hipsters say but what they really mean"

This video got me thinking, am I a hipster?  After watching several similar videos, I rushed to my bf with the shocking news but instead of getting the sympathy I expected I got a firm "you only just realised". I always thought  he was joking when he called me a hipster. All the videos had one common ground, hipsters will never admit to being a hipster, which makes it even more confusing for me, I just becomes a catch 22.

His arguments being that I study law but I put all my affects into creative projects, such as my art, photography and this fashion blog.

I blog because I love fashion and not in a bratz kinda of way, my idea of fashion is not all about the clothes and "stuff" but more about the excitement and energy that the industry brings. Hipsters are meant to judgemental of others taste, and I only come ascross like that because I'm passionate. anyway if I was getting paid to judge people's dress sense, others would praise me but because I have not authority and a bang of royal fans I just come across as caty and rude. I hate to come across as a mean girl which I am not, in fact I grew up at the opposite end.

The video also informed me that hipsters blog however the difference being I am actually a blogger, publishing one post takes me hours, looking for grammatical errors (which I know I still get wrong), the initial idea for a post requires inspiration etc. Whereas hipsters attend to use tumblr, now I'm no tumblr-hater, but it seems their idea of blogging, is re-posting pictures from other person, and taking pictures and adding quirky captions.

I am a vegetarian simply because I dont like meat, I can't fully say for animal rights purposes because I own several leather and suede shoes. I love esoteric films because well hollywood is simply running out of ideas and it seems these days my idea of a great movie comes from theatre clubs, film festivals and independent distributors. I take the same view with my music. I am not saying I stay away from all things commercial, I love John Mayer and you can't beat good old house music in a club because nothing gets drunk people moving faster than repetitive song lyrics.

After all of that complaining, I've come to direct conclusion, I have some hipster traits in me but I'm not a hipster I'm just poor.

Moving on, it is exam season which explains my absence, during this period I loss all my sense of fashion even on my best days, because you need to be Megan Fox in jennifer's body to keep up with the pressure.

 This is picture of me during exams season, I spend most of time indoors like a vampire. That's why I'm squinting, the sun burns.

After the exam period

I dont understand why they put pressure on us in the first year when it doesn't count to our final degree. I cannot wait for May 16th, so I can finally sleep in without feeling bad.

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