Thursday, 5 April 2012

Its been a while

Between Law and trying to uphold the ideal university social life somewhere inbetween I manage to run a fashion blog, whether I'm successful or not you decide! Obviously I use the word "manage" very lightly and well, Law, I don't even think I fully understand the doctrine of the Rule of Law and I'm never going to understand my lecturer's unhealthy obsession with Dicey (bless him).

I've always known at some point in my love affair with fashion I would want to have an 'effortless' style, something that screams Grace Kelly, but with the summer coming up I'm much happier in lots of jewellery and layers than a white tee and denim shorts.

Most of my wardrobe is made up of black, I find the colour mysterious and fashion always tells us its safe, but that is the very word the makes you end up on shows like Gok's Fashion Fix. With terms like 'black is the new chic' and 'black is back,' how is a girl meant to avoid not wearing a thermal suit on a hot sunny's day.

(Prabal Gurung spring 2012)

Nifah Loves...

Lindsay Lohan in 60 seconds
If you haven't since it yet, which would be impossible unless you've been trying to avoid all things pop culture, even then I don't think you'd succeed because this video has been everywhere. It shows the faces of the 25yr old actress/singer turned  poster child for why you shouldn't do drugs, from childhood to the present day though morphing. 

Foot Notes 

Socks and heels
Fashion faux pas no more, ankle sock with your favourite heels is now a trend, its time to embrace the look. If you're feeling skeptical consider the plus side — they cost near nothing and they don't take put much space in your wardrobe.


The classic backless shoe, in my opinion is this spring's best trend, they're vintage heritage. Once worn by prostitutes until Marilyn Monroe showed the way, this season look to Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton (left) for guidance. 

If you look carefully you can see that they're a cross between clogs, last summer's trend and the ubiquitous pointy heel. 

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